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Aug 25, 2011 7:00am PDT
a look at when and where it will hit. >>> after years of battling health problem, apple ceo steve jobs has said the day has come for him to resign. we'll bring you the very latest on what this means for the company he founded, for wall street and for all those apple products. >>> and two years after his wife, susan, disappeared, josh powell is now speaking out about the case and about suspicions he may have been involved. >> people who know me know that i could never hurt susan. >> we'll hear more from josh's first in-depth interview early this thursday morning, august 25th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> and good thursday morning to >>> good thursday morning to you. it's a beautiful sky out there now. may not be the case. >> don't get used to it. good morning, everyone. i'm chris wragge. here in the east all eyes right now on this hurricane which is getting bigger and bigger and faster and stronger by every hour. but many on wall street are concentrating this morning on the big announcement coming from apple. this after steve jobs says he can't do his job anymore as apple's ceo. it
Aug 11, 2011 7:00am PDT
is steve forbes, chairman and executive editor of forbes media and also a presidential candidate. we heard from art he doesn't think this is 2008 over again. what do you think? >> it's not 2008 but a short-term series crisis. a concern about the value of the drar. fed made it clear they will knock the dollar down again and concern that the europeans are not dealing with their sovereign debt crises, not to mention their banks. 20 years ago we had a severe crisis with latin american debt which could have brought our system down. dealt with each country and how do you turn this thing around and restructure their debt and put in policies that got these countries growing again. the europeans are not doing it and people fear the drift. >> people remember the 2008 crisis. that one was about debt as well. another thing art mentioned is the markets were spooked yesterday and you mentioned this as well by the fear that the european bank could go the same way as a bear stearns or a lehman brothers did here in the united states. do you think that will happen? >> i think short term the european bank wi
Aug 11, 2011 7:00am EDT
. >> reporter: rebecca, back to you in new york. >> joining us is steve forbes, chairman of forbes media and former republican presidential candidate. nice to see you. >> good to see you, rebecca. >> art doesn't think this is 2008 over again. what do you think? >> it's not 2008, but it's still a short term serious crisis. there's very real concern about the value of the dollar, fed is going to knock it down again, going to hurt private investment, concern the europeans are not dealing with their sovereign debt crises, not to mention their debt. 20 years ago we were concerned about the latin american debt. restructured their debt, put in policies that got the countries growing again. the europeans are not doing it and people fear the drift. >> keeps coming back to debt. people remember the 2008 crisis. that was about debt as well. another thing art mentioned the markets were spookd yesterday. you mentioned this as well by this fear that a european bank could go the same way as a bear stearns or a lehman brothers did here in the united states. do you think that will happen? >> i think shor
Aug 15, 2011 7:00am EDT
-called hot spots are of particular interest to university of south florida researcher dr. steve murawski. >> we're conducting a study to see if there are elevated rates of fish disease. >> reporter: we caught up to him on the choppy waters 11 miles off the coast of pensacola, florida. because of the high waves we couldn't board his boat. >> what we're going to do is establish a baseline so, you know, even if we don't find any substantial pathology now, we can go back three, four years from now and see if, in fact, there were some slow time bombs going off. >> reporter: this is the first comprehensive study ever done on the health of fish in the gulf. during the six-week study, steve murawski will catch and examine more than 4,000 fish. >> it's going to be very important for this spill and the next oil spill that happens in the gulf because we veal this baseline. >> reporter: it's the bottom line that worries frank patty, owner of joe patty's fish market in pensacola, so he prominently displays where his fish were caught. >> we still customers wanting to know where the product comes from.
Aug 4, 2011 7:00am PDT
for food poisoning causing one death and made dozens of other people sick. steve large hat later. >> reporter:. cdc linked a outbreak of salmonella to cargill that owns and operate is the plant is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey products. at least 76 people in 26 states have been kick sickened. the heavy concentration in michigan and ohio. one death here in california is believed connected to the contamination. >> these are complex investigations. they sometimes take months to complete. >> reporter: the recall applies to ground turkey products dated february 20th to august 2nd and containing estp-963 on the label. can be sold under the following name brands. as they have been released by cargill, the company says suspending production until they, quote, can determine the source of the salmonella and take corrective action is the right thing to do. >> they should know where it's coming from. >> reporter: the cdc estimates 50 million americans get sick from food poisoning and 3,000 die from it each year and they say cooking food thoroughly is the best prevention. >> if
Aug 10, 2011 7:00am PDT
, if she and steve did not drown accidentally she did not know this man well enough to be on vacation with him and anywhere near water. >> he's being detained by aruban authorities? >> he is. what they said during discussions they had with him his story didn't quite add up and he did promise to stay but tried to get on a plane so there are they are suspicious with hill. one of the suspicions with water, how do you prove somebody didn't drown accidentally? so unless they find her, hopefully alive, but if they find her in the water, there may be no proof that anything happened but she drowned, and well, the best thing would be if something did happen to her they find her someplace else on the island which could prove that he might have been involved but this is a very difficult situation. you don't want to go on a vacation with somebody you do not know well enough anyplace near water. >> authorities stay tight-lipped about the investigation. how difficult is it to get information from aruban authorities? >> i think we're bashing the aruban authorities a little bit too much. this happens
Aug 4, 2011 7:00am EDT
for a refund. steve lars for cbs news, sacramento. >> the first case of salmonella was reported back in march but it wasn't until yesterday that the recall was officially allowanced. >>> a horrifying story about the largest international child pornography ring discovered. u.s. officials say more than 70 people face charmgz and could be hundreds more. bobber, good morning. >> this involves the sexual exploitation involving hundredof not hundreds in the u.s. and more. it was called dreamboard. beyond lurkd a private online club of mild millionesters dedicated to the sexual abuse of young children. >> some of the children featured in the images and videos were just infants and in many cases the children being victimized were in obvious and also intentional pain. >> reporter: the child porn cyber trading post shut down this spring, when immigration and customs enforcement agents began arresting dozens of dreamboard members. >> there were no dreams. just young defenseless children. >> reporter: police richard chandler and high school football coach matt wheeler. >> april has children. >> usually t
Aug 20, 2011 5:00am PDT
out. it's not a perfect -- you're going to talk to steve braga, not a perfect deal. >> thanks a lot. joining us from memphis, tennessee, steven braga, attorney for damien echols. >> good morning, great to be with you. >> last night was your client's first night of freedom after 18 years. how did he spend it? >> it was unbelievable, a celebration in memories, all of his supporters who came to court and it was as if you could see two little 5-year-old kids at their first christmas, trying food they had never seen before, fascinated by a cell phone, more fascinated by an iphone and the idea you could take pictures with an iphone totally wlu them away. >> what was your client's reaction when you told them you were going to go home? >> total shock. it happened so quickly, we reached a point with the prosecution where we thought negotiations would be productive. they were but it took less than two and a half weeks to get the deal done so everybody was in shock. >> what an unusual case, what an unusual deal here to get them free. was it tough to convince your client and the others to plead
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)